Update on Parent Visa Application Receipting and Acknowledgment

The Acting Manager of the Perth Parent Visa Centre has provided the following information:

As agreed to in our phone conversation on 13 November 2014 [to National President Angela Chan], I am providing the following information concerning the delay in receipting and acknowledging Parent visa applications for distribution to MIA members.

Firstly, I apologise to you and your members for the delay which has been due to the large number of applications received, especially in June prior to an increase in the visa application charge (VAC), and substantial unplanned staff absence.  We do appreciate that acknowledging the receipt of an applications is important for clients to know that their application has been received and Is being processed.

Priority has been given to receipting of applications for financial reasons and to confirm the validity of an application. The receipting of an application is evidence that it is being processed. The backlog in receipting has now been cleared and applications are being receipted the day they are received in the Parent Visa Centre (PVC).

There is currently still a delay of a few months in registering and acknowledging applications. This work takes longer so it will take longer to clear. Currently we are registering offshore applications received at the end of June 2013 and onshore applications received early November 2013. However, this work is our current priority and we expect to half the backlog by the end of this month. Applications are assessed based on the date of lodgement so the delay in acknowledging an application will not affect the processing time for a decision.

I acknowledge the difficulties the backlog has caused your members and their clients and can assure that priority is being given to bring our work up to date.


Source: Migration Institute of Australia