Tightening of Temporary Skilled (Subclass 457) Visas

The Minister has announced a tightening of requirements in respect of Subclass 457 visas.

Below is an extract from a story in “The Australian” on 23 February 2013 setting out what it says the proposed changes will be:


EXTRA investigation powers for inspectors to get information from bosses they suspect of being dodgy.

A NEW test to prove jobs were for “genuine” skills shortages because some employers were creating positions that were really “unskilled and possibly not even a real job”.

CLOSING loopholes that allow foreign workers to be paid less than an Australian citizen by increasing from $180,000 to $250,000 the threshold at which they must pay “market rates”.

STOPPING employers creating their own market to manipulate pay rates.

RAISING requirements for foreign workers to speak English.

RESTRICTING foreign workers being on-hired to a different employer in regions where there are not skill shortages.

CHECKING that employers offer training for locals to fill skills shortages before they seek foreigners.


Other similar stories below:





We will need to wait until the amendments to the Migration Regulations are released to properly understand the legislative changes.