Revised guidelines and website pages for SA RCB advice

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Immigration South Australia have advised that the SA RCB website pages will be updated on 1 July 2016 and include:

1. Expanded step-by-step guide

Immigration SA has expanded the RCB step by step guide (in a printable format), which includes an easy to follow summary of the requirements and documents required for RCB advice applications.


2. Document checklist for Regional Certifying Body (RCB) advice applications.

In order to improve application quality, Immigration SA will be publishing a more detailed document checklist. The updated checklist provides clearer guidelines for employment contracts and other documents required.


If the documents detailed in the checklist are not provided at time of submission, the RCB advice application will be made invalid and the migration agent or employer will need to re-apply to Immigration SA.


3. Clarification on timeframes for requests for information

Requests for further information from Immigration SA will need to be responded to within seven calendar days. A seven day extension* can be requested by email before the due date.

*Further extensions will not be granted (unless the employer specifically requires legal advice).


4. Change to recruitment activity timeframe

The nominated position must be actively advertised within the last six months (at the time of submission for RCB advice).


5. Changes to the recruitment activity exemption

Employers will be exempt from undertaking recruitment activity in the following circumstances:

• The nominated position is a university lecturer or a medical specialist (in the ANZSCO 253 series); OR

• The employer is a 457 visa approved sponsor and has employed the worker in the nominated position for 12 months or more on a valid work visa.