Processing Times for South Australia 

Immigration SA provides state nominations for general skilled and business migrants who are intending to relocate to South Australia for work or business.

For these programs, Immigration SA offers state government nomination, which if approved, allows applicants to apply for a visa with Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). The issuing or granting of all visas rests with DIAC.

For employer sponsored applications, Immigration SA’s role is to act as the regional certifying body (RCB), which assesses whether an application meets migration criteria and provides advice to guide the DIAC decision.

For all state applications, Immigration SA will notify you, the main applicant (or the authorised recipient), of the outcome via email.

The processing times for state applications vary across visa types.  Immigration SA makes every effort to process all nominations quickly, within the timeframes detailed below.

The average processing times detailed below apply to applications that are lodged with complete and accurate documentation.  If during the assessment period it is clear that we will need to obtain more information from you, processing will take longer.

All applications are processed in the order of receipt of online submission.

General skilled nomination applications

Application type – skilled provisional nomination subclass 489/190 (target 12 weeks)
Current average processing time – 5 weeks

Employer nomination applications for the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) which require RCB advice

Application type – Applications for RCB advice (target 28 days)
Current average processing time – 26 Days
We are currently processing applications submitted on 19 August 2013.

Business migration nomination applications

Application type – Innovation and investment provisional nomination subclass 188 Business owner permanent nomination subclass 892/893 Investor retirement provisional nomination subclass 405 – including renewal applications
Current average processing time – 2 weeks

Application type – Business talent permanent nomination subclass 132 (target 10 weeks)
Current average processing time – 2 weeks

Application type – Significant investor provisional nomination subclass 188 (target 1 week)
Current average processing time – 1 week