Prince Garley Garley threatened ambulance workers with box-cutter at fatal crash scene

By court reporter Loukas Founten
Updated Thu 3 Jul 2014, 3:13pm AEST


PHOTO: Stanley Horace died in the crash. (Facebook)

A man who killed a friend when he crashed a car while drunk threatened ambulance officers with a box-cutter knife at the accident scene, a court has been told.

Liberian refugee Prince Garley Garley, 23, was drunk and had cannabis in his system when he drove a car onto the wrong side of Hampstead Road at Clearview in Adelaide’s north-east last November and crashed it into a tree.

A passenger in the back seat, Stanley Horace, 23, was killed.

The District Court was told the pair were in the same refugee camp as infants and years later had been setting up a music business after finding each other in Australia.

Garley Garley’s lawyer Claire O’Connor said the men had been drinking while working as DJs at a party the night before the accident and her client had only driven because he felt pressured when Mr Horace asked for a ride.

The court was told Garley Garley could not remember the crash or making threats to ambulance officers.

“My client has no memory at all of this accident. They were both Liberian refugees and when they were infants they both separately came to Australia under the refugee and humanitarian program,” she told the hearing.

“[He] was shocked upon reading about his behaviour at the scene.”

She says hospital staff later sedated Garley Garley.

Ms O’Connor says the young man is genuinely contrite and has good rehabilitation prospects.

She says he has been dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder since the crash, and had a difficult upbringing because he lost many family members during conflict in Liberia and spent 15 years in a refugee camp.

The lawyer suggested a suspended jail sentence, but otherwise hoped the court would impose a custodial sentence and non-parole term that were not crushing to a young man.

Judge Paul Cuthbertson is to sentence Garley Garley next month.