Case Study – LIFESTYLE4U Pty Ltd

Case study:

Name: Jaspreet Singh Lyall

Business: LIFESTYLES4U Pty Ltd

Location: Narrabri, New South Wales

Country of Origin: Pakistan

Visa Services: Standard Business Sponsorship Agreement & Temporary Skilled (Subclass 457) Visa

Outcome: Approved

A truly inspirational migrant story…

I came to Australia with ambition and a true heart.”

Jaspreet moved to Narrabri (NSW) to start a new life. Overcoming many obstacles, he started a successful small business, LIFESTYLES4U: A health and fitness center, providing essential rehabilitation programs for the elderly and physically impaired, as well as general health and fitness coaching.

LIFESTYLES4U received an award for “best new business” and has become an essential service for the local Narrabri community.

However, Jaspreet had been unable to secure Australian residence. He feared he would need to close the business and leave Australia. When he approached Industry Migration he was desperate for a solution.

We proposed for Jaspreet to sponsor himself as an employee of the business and, following careful preparation, the application was approved by DIAC in 2 weeks. Jaspreet can stay in Australia for a long-term period and now has a more certain pathway to Australian Permanent Residence.


Q: Why did you decide to use a migration agent?

I tried everything – from government agencies working for rural businesses to other private migration agents  – but no one showed any interest in helping me. Everyone said it was too hard and not possible to obtain residence. One of my clients actually suggested I talk with Brett Ruehland. We talked on the phone initially and I thought that he sounded like he knew his stuff and liked a challenge.


Q: What was your experience?

The experience was great, fruitful and efficient. We didn’t even need to meet face to face – just communicated on phone and email – which was great considering I live in and work very remote area. I didn’t waste any time driving around and sweating about the process – everything was sorted for me.


Q: How has your life changed since your visa was approved?

I was expecting to have to quit my ambitions and I was holding myself back because of the uncertainty of my visa circumstances. Without the certainty of residence I felt I could be kicked out at ant moment. Sometimes I feared I’d made the worse decision of my life coming migrating to another country.


Q: How did you hear about our services?

I heard about Industry Migration from a client, who’d utilized their services for their own business. He said to me, “I know a person that can help you – Brett Ruehland. He loves challenge.“


Q: Would you recommend our services?

I came to Australia with ambition and a true heart. I wanted to build a business, work hard and contribute to the Australian community. I struggled because of my visa situation. If I knew any person in the same position I would strongly recommend Industry Migration.