Case Study – Mariette Venter

Name: Mariette Venter

Country of Origin: South Africa

Visa Services: Partner visa

Outcome: Approved

We assisted Ms. Venter to apply for a Partner visa with her Australian de-facto partner, even though she did not meet the 12-month de-facto residence requirement (i.e. living with an Australian partner for 12-month prior to lodging the application). Ms. Venter’s case was unusually complicated and we helped her to submit a strong case for approval under exceptional circumstances.


Client feedback:

Q: Why did you decide to use a migration agent?

“The process would have just been too much stress to handle and to try and figure out what we needed to do. I wanted to pay a professional to do it right.”


Q: What was your experience?

“Since the first day it was great. I felt like family and not just another job. Since obtaining the approval my life has improved so much. I’m not stressed about the situation, my children are now settled into school and I have even obtained my Australian driver’s license. ”


Q: How did you hear about us? 

“One of my friends went through Industry Migration and said you are always honest and helpful. With my case being complicated I needed that to put me to ease.”


Q: Would you recommend our services?

“Yes – I tell the whole word! I’ve been very happy with your services and will use you for my citizenship.”