Age exemption for ENS/RSMS – from 25 June 2013

Legislative instrument IMMI 13/059 [F2013L01147] Migration Regulations 1994 – Specification under paragraphs 186.221(b), 186.231(b), 187.221(b), and 187.231(b) – Classes of Persons (Exempt from the Age Criteria) – June 2013 specifies the classes of persons who are exempt from satisfying the primary criteria in relation to being less than 50 years of age at the time of application for a Subclass 186 (ENS visa) or a Subclass 187 (RSMS) visa and who are employed in certain occupations and industries.

The instrument adds Medical Practitioners (ANZSCO MINOR GROUP 253) who have been working for their nominating employer as the holder of a Subclass 457 visa or a Subclass 422 visa for at least the four years immediately before applying and whose nominated position is located in regional Australia as prescribed by subregulation 5.19(7).